Company valuation

The importance of business valuations in small companies

Know your value today – decide your value tomorrow A common misconception among entrepreneurs is the notion that you ...

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Long-term business value in small companies

Serving the market or society? Can you do both? It’s pretty safe to say that the economy today is ...

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Valuation of business

Long-term value creating strategies in small companies

How a correct valuation could prevent the next financial crisis Short-termism is a phrase used to describe the behavior ...

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Business valuations in small companies prior to a sale

Worlds apart - or more similar than we think? Previous posts have shown that there are tons of different ...

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Risk affecting business value in small companies

A simple question with a surprising answer Surprisingly, we don’t know much about risk. The first sophisticated theories of ...

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Three most common small business valuation model categories continued

There is a saying that goes something along the lines of “important things should be repeated, important things should ...

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Three most common small business valuation model categories

Part one Valuating your business is crucial. Valuating your business before you think you really need to evaluate it ...

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The difference between price and the company valuation of a small business

The difference between the price and the value of a company is simple, yet crucial. Knowing the distinction can ...

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The value of business valuation in small companies

The concept of business valuation has been around for more than a century, but many people still find it ...

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